Tea drinking is over 4000 years old, right on trend, and exactly what we need right now! One of the most difficult things to find in life is balance. The ritual of tea reminds us to slow down, connect with ourselves, and process our thoughts while finding purpose in our day. Creating a ritual can make even ordinary, everyday life feel magical for a moment. At The Natural Boutique, we greet you with a cup of tea every day to let you know that you are welcome and invite you to a presence of calm. Sometimes we hear "I'm not a tea drinker", but those who decide to try anyways are almost always pleasantly surprised. We have over 250 teas to choose from, many of which are custom blended by our team in-house, and always brewed to perfection to alleviate bitterness. To those who love it - We are here for you. To those who don't - We dare you to try it here. We bet we can change your mind!