Natural Cosmetics

The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar market. In this market, the majority of the big players spend up to 90% of profits on their advertising expenses verses product ingredients.

At the Natural Boutique product ingredients are our first priority. We have chosen two main cosmetic lines that have been proven to offer clean, healthy cosmetics to achieve the natural look our customers are looking for.

Colorescience Beautiful Healthy Skin

Colorescience was born in science and perfected with dermatologist to provide beautiful, healthy skin. Not all mineral cosmetics are created equal and Colorescience strives to keep their brand of the utmost quality.

The Colorescience difference is found in their formulations which are 100% healthy. They use high-integrity ingredients without dyes, fillers or fragrance. This line uses the highest levels of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide making it a chosen product by Dermatologists.

SPF protection is the platform for skin health that is supported with our Colorescience product line. Their strategic mission is to correct and protect the skin. This approach allows Colorescience to position products for unique skin conditions and concerns, therefore making it personal for consumers.

Our staff is trained to assist our guests with their cosmetic concerns from aging issues to hyper-pigmentation or redness. Colorescience is has something for all skin types and ages.

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Antonym Cosmetics

Antonym is an eco cert certified line of natural makeup that combines strong color performance with skin friendly ingredients. It excels in Eco-Chic, the artistry of beautiful makeup with a natural sensibility. The innovative cream baked powders offer swirls of color creating an irresistible way to blush while light accentuating technology reveals luminous eye shadows with a smokey depth.

The products are composed of the finest certified natural and organic ingredients. Comfortable for all skin types, the products are not tested on animals. The line is accessorized with professional makeup brushes that are cruelty free, eco-friendly and Vegan certified. The bamboo cases are not only sustainable but beautiful.

Antonym offers exquisite, rich makeup in a blend of luxury and natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and the environment.

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Makeup should make you feel and look better. It should also be better for you while enhancing and maintaining beautiful skin.