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Skin is your largest organ. It is a complex organ that detoxifies the body and protects from environmental toxins. Doesn’t it make sense to use only natural, non-irritating products on your skin?

At The Natural Boutique we specialize in natural, gentle, toxin-free body care. Our mission in opening the store in 2003 was to have a selection of products that our customers trust to be gentle to their skin and healthy for the entire family. We have achieved this mission and continue to search for lines that meet our criteria which means no sodium laurel sulfate, no parabens, no synthetic fragrance or harsh chemicals that could disrupt the skin ph and acidic mantel.

A few of our customer favorite body care products are listed below. They are all scented with healing essential oils and botanicals. Testers are always available so you can try before you buy.

Panier Des Sens En Provence

It is in the South of France that Panier Des Sens natural body care was conceived and developed. Inspired by natural resources and Mediterranean know how body care lines magnify the beauty of Provence through elegant products and delicate scents.

In Marseille, the tradition of quality soap making is not only about heritage, it is a genuine way of life. Marseille soaps are produced without coloring or synthetic surfactants. This unique know-how is the foundation on which Panier Des Sens develops its current products using natural formulations and extensive research on active plant substances. A complete line of bath, skin care and fragrances has been under development for over fifteen years based on this traditional soap making expertise and plants from Provence and the Mediterranean.

Along with their love of nature this company is aware of environmental responsibility, as well as economic, ecological and social commitments through sustainable development partnerships.

It is one of our customer’s favorite body care gifts!

Natural Inspirations

The mission of Natural Inspirations is similar to the mission of The Natural Boutique; they have worked to create luxurious natural bath and body products that women can trust.

They use ingredients such as coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil, cranberry seed oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, shea butter, black cumin seed oil, carrot seed oil, jojoba seed oil and essential oils. The line is 100% vegan and made in Minnesota. They avoid ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, glutens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, EDTA and PEG. As with all of our products, they are cruelty free.

The blends offered are light and fresh. 5% of proceeds go to support Women’s Health Needs. This is a great every day line or a beautiful gift. Either way it is a line you can feel good about on multiple levels.

Deep Steep

Deep Steep has been our tried and true body care line since The Natural Boutique has been in business. It is also the most extensive line covering body care, baby care and hair care. They strive to keep all their products clean, pure and natural.

Ingredients used include organic sunflower oil which is rich in vitamins A, E & D and is an excellent moisturizer. The essential fatty acids found in sunflower oil can be used to soothe dryness and heal damage.

Herbals are commonly found in Deep Steep body care. Healing extracts of herbal preparations are concentrated for easy absorption into the skin to heal.

The most frequent cause of allergies from personal care products are caused by the use of synthetic and artificial fragrances which are toxic and known to cause skin and eye irritation along with headaches. Deep Steep uses only pure essential oils for fragrance. The use of essential oils verses artificial fragrance can positively influence our environment, health and well-being.

Olefin Sulfonate/Cocoamidopropyl Betaine is a natural soap ingredient derived from coconut oil. It is mild and gently cleanses the skin without stripping away natural oils and nutrients. Many body care manufactures use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which strips off protective skin oils and irritates the skin causing additional skin disorders.

Deep Steep is affordably priced making it a great every day body care product.


These are only a few of the lines we carry and recommend for natural, healing body care. We have hand-made natural soaps with varying healing ingredients such as clays, sea salts, mud and more. We carry multiple goat’s milk body care products which are gentle and easy on the skin and pocket book.

Our body care selection spans the globe so there is truly something for everyone. Taking care of our skin using healthy, natural products is good for the physical body and for our sense of well -being. Once you begin the natural body care journey, there is no going back.

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Natural Inspirations

Skin is your largest organ. It is a complex organ that detoxifies the body and protects from environmental toxins. Doesn’t it make sense to use only natural, non-irritating products on your skin?