Natural Stone Jewelry

Nature has so many gifts to offer us. At the Natural Boutique we embrace the grace of her beauty in our selection of natural stone jewelry. It has been said that crystals are the blossoms of the mineral part of the Earth.

Natural stone jewelry is unique because no two pieces of stone or gems are alike. We offer artists that combine stylish designs with quality craftsmanship. The selection includes stones such as the rare Larimar and Sunstone to a variety of quartz crystals, jaspers, moonstones and more.

Featured artists include designers such as Marahlago, Charles Albert and Exclusive Inspirations. We select for quality of materials, stone type and design. Every stone has a story and a certain energy about it which all makes it a very personal accessory. Natural stone jewelry is not only beautiful and unique but it makes you feel good.

Marahlago Larimar

Known as the “dolphin stone”, Larimar is more rare than tanzanite and found only in the Dominican Republic. Marahlago is the premiere designer of Larimar jewelry in the world. She promises each piece is of the highest quality stone and workmanship.

Her designs are influenced by nature and new pieces are presented during a few times a year. Registering your purchase of Maralago jewelry to her website enforces her guarantee. Each piece is signed guaranteeing the authenticity.

The store owner of The Natural Boutique fell in love with stone and the designs by Marahlago back in 2004 and have had it in the shop ever since. The beauty of the stone reminds some of the water and others of the sky. It becomes a very precious and personal purchase to own a Marahlago Larimar piece of jewelry. When gift shopping is in the works, our moto is “you never lose with Larimar”.

Charles Albert

Charles Albert has been one of our core designers since opening the store in 2003. Charles Albert has searched the globe to find the best in fossils, minerals and gemstones to set in fine sterling silver. Examples include Amethyst from Brazil, Ammonites from Madagascar, Peru and Morocco, Obsidian from Mexico and over 100 other fascinating stones.

The Charles Albert collection is meticulously handmade using .950 sterling silver by the finest silversmiths in the world. No casts, wax molds or glue is every used in the manufacturing of process. Each piece is signed by Charles Albert and they stand behind their work.

We hand pick the pieces we bring into our inventory looking for unique and rare stones. Each piece is unique as the person who falls in love with it. His collection is a geological wonder and should not be missed.

Exclusive Inspiration

Wisconsin native Jenny Damrow is the artist behind the amazing and unique designs by Exclusive Inspirations. Unlike the other designers featured at The Natural Boutique, Jenny uses her artistic talents securing beautiful and rare stones and fossils in unique wire wrap designs. She combines mixed metals such as sterling silver, gold, rose gold and even copper.

Each piece is a one of a kind not to be duplicated. Twice a year we are lucky enough to have Jenny and her husband exhibiting their collection in the lower level of our store for your shopping pleasure.

If you are looking for a custom piece using natural stones or fossils, we can request it from Jenny and she will get the stones and metal you desire in a special one-of-a-kind piece.

Other designers

We do carry other natural jewelry like the popular Zulu grass beads or the beautiful Waxing Poetic pieces. In addition we have a wide selection of chains so you can make your look unique and layer multiple pieces. We like to think of our jewelry selection and purpose for our mental health because it makes so many people happy.

Featured Product

Sterling Silver. Natural Stones.

At The Natural Boutique By Botanical Indulgence, we offer a diverse line of jewelry. We are one of the largest retailers of the very rare stone Larimar. Our jewelry artists provide one of a kind pieces we like to refer to as "wearable art".