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Conventional allopathic medicine deals directly with the chemical and structural function of the physical body. Holistic medicine deals with the entire body and interaction of all systems. This can be achieved indirectly with the chemistry and structure of the physical body by dealing with the subtle energies of the body. This is sometimes referred to as Vibrational Medicine.

The living organism consists of a series of interacting multidimensional subtle-energy system. If these systems become imbalanced, it can result in pathological symptoms manifesting on the physical, emotional, or mental plane. It is the subtle-energies we work on balancing when using Vibrational medicine.

At the Natural Boutique we deal with a few companies specializing in vibrational healing. The two main categories of vibrational medicine we deal with are Homeopathic Healing and Flower Essence Therapy.

Homeopathy - Sprayology

Homeopathy is over 200 years old and has become the second most prescribed remedy in the world (except in the United States). It is regulated as an over-the-counter medicine by the FDA and is the only alternative medicine regulated by the FDA.

Homeopathy uses natural ingredients to trigger your body to heal itself. There are no contraindications so very safe to use.

Sprayology is a line of natural vitamin and homeopathic sprays you spray under your tongue. The remedies target symptom relief as well as the root cause of the symptoms. This line was designed to offer a natural and effective way to feel your best every day.

The remedies include:

  • Rejuvenation Plus: revitalizes the aging body
  • ManPower: rejuvenates the male body
  • Woman Power: rejuvenates the female body
  • DietPower: supports weight loss
  • BrainPower: sharpen the mind
  • MenoPower: energies the menopausal woman
  • Bone Builder: enchances calcium absorption
  • AllergEase: relieves allergy discomfort
  • Cold + Flu Relief: battles the discomfort of cold and flu
  • DigestiveEase: relieves stomach distress
  • SleepEase: relieves restlessness
  • TravelEase: relieves jet lag
  • Party Relief: prevent + relieves alcohol related discomfort
  • StressRelief: restores calm
  • PMS Support: restores cyclical balance
  • Life Detoxer: Neutralizes daily toxins
  • ImmunoBooster: retores natural defenses
  • Body Skin Tonic: rejuvenates dry skin
  • Acne tonic: Relieves Acne
  • Hair + Nail Tonic: revitalizes hair and nails
  • Body Balance: fights adrenal exhaustion
  • B-12 + Folic Acid: daily nturients for men and women
Flower Essences Therapy – Bush Flower Healing

Einstein’s theory of relativity taught us the world is not only physical in nature but energetic. The flower essence is the electromagnetic pattern of the plant. Nothing physical about the flower gets transferred into the product during the creating of a flower essence. It is merely an etheric imprint. It is this energetic imprint that balances the imbalance in the energetic field of the patient.

Why does this work? Plants have had to adapt to their environment throughout evolution. In the adaptations they have made throughout history for survival, their vibration or energy changed along with physical characteristics. Different plants carry a different vibration that can help our own subtle energies solve imbalances in our physical and energetic body.

At The Natural Boutique we work with the Australian Bush Flower Essences. We have chosen this line because of the high vibration of the plants used to make the essences. Since 2003 we have used the Bush essences to help our customers with many imbalances.

There are 62 single essences and we carry 16 of the combination essences. They are simples to use and have been very effective.

The combinations we offer include:

  • Emergency : allows the ability to cope, gives comfort, reassurance & courage
  • Abund: Joyful sharing, belief in abundance, clears sabotage, universal trust
  • Adol: helps teenagers in coping with change, consideration of others, enhances communication and self esteem
  • Calm & Clear: Encourages own time & space, healthy contemplation & relaxation
  • Cognis: offers clarity and focus
  • Confid: encourages confidence, intergrity, taking responsibility for one’s life, personal power, true to oneself
  • Creative: enhances singing, creative expression, clarity of voice, public speaking
  • Dynamis: renews passion and enthusiasm for life, centers and brings harmony to your vital life force.
  • Electro: reduces emotional effects of radiation and EMF’s
  • Meditation: Awaken spirituality, enhance intuition, inner guidance, access Higher Self, deeper meditation
  • Purifying: Sense of release and relief, spring cleaning emotions
  • Relationships: expressing feelings, communication, forgiveness, breaks family conditioning, renews interest
  • Transition: Acceptance of change, serenity, eases fear of death, passing over in peace
  • Travel: Centers, refreshes, maintains sense of personal space
  • Woman: Female life cycle balance, calm and stable, coping with change.
Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Flower Essences

Animals experience the world through an energetic filter, they ready and respond to the energies of every person, animal, place or circumstance they encounter. Negative energies such as anxiety, anger or the electrical dissonance of the modern world have electrical patterns that can leave animals feeling anxious, out of balance or ill.

The Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness collection is designed for our animal companion’s unique needs. At the Natural Boutique we have a shop dog and we have used Green Hope essences for many issues from anxiety to recovery after surgery. They are safe and simple to use. We have both veterinarian’s and animal behaviorist recommending this line for their client’s needs.

The remedies in this collection include:

  • Abandonment & Abuse: helpful for rescue animals
  • Animal Emergency: helpful in clam and stabilize an animals electrical system so the animal can better receive and process healing after trauma, shock or stress.
  • Anxiety: this remedy helps to ease and release anxiety-based behaviors including anxious or obsessive behavior, fear of people, fear of loud noises, car travel and more.
  • Breath: supports the health and well-bing of the pulmonary and upper respiratory system.
  • Caretaker: this remedy offers support to people and animals in caretaking roles.
  • Digestive woes: this remedy supports the digestive tract and addresses chronic conditions, illness, and problems with digestion and flow.
  • Flee Free: Green Hope Farm’s experience is that an animal with good electrical vitality naturally rebuffs pests. This remedy helps improve the electrical vitality of an animal so that the animal’s electrical field rebuffs pests including fleas and ticks.
  • Flow Free: effective and versatile remedy helps to move energy that is stuck. It helps with issues of flow in the nervous system, urnary tract, digestive tract, lymphatic system and circulatory system. Consider this remedy for any situation of blockage or difficulty with emotional, mental, spiritual or physical flow.
  • Grief & Loss: this remedy supports people and animals during any situation of grief, despair, depression or loss. If offers deep support when a caretaker, friend or animal companion dies, or when there has been a loss of a home or the break-up of a family.
  • Healthy Coat: helps with conditions of the skin or coat including hotspots, rashes, skin sensitivities, infections, allergic situations and wound healing.
  • Immune support: offers dynamic support for the health and vitality of the immune system
  • Jealousy: this remedy promotes harmony and balance in any community of animals.
  • Neediness: this remedy supports animals to find the right relationship with their human caretakers and within the pack of animals they live with. It is helpful for animals who are anxious about their relationships people or who waver between sef confidence and no confidence, exhibiting symptoms such as alpha behavior or clinginess in their search for their place in the world.
  • New Beginnings: this is helpful when a new person or animal joins the pack or when a change in the household occurs.
  • Outburst: this remedy addresses issues of aggression, outbursts of violent behavior that are unexpected, out of character or unacceptable. It also helps with explosive body reactions including skin eruptions or any unproductive release of pen-up emotions through destructive physical activity.
  • Recovery: supports recovery from illness, injury, accident, trauma or surgery. Very restorative and revitalizing.
  • Run & Play: supports the health of bones, joints and muscles.
  • Senior Citizen: this remedy helps older animals to maintain their emotional equilibrium and good cheer during any declines function associated with the aging process. It helps to reverse the declines to whatever degree is possible in areas such as flexibility, eyesight, hearing, energy levels, mobility, and general flow systems.
  • Separation: offers support for all animals naviagating time alone or in the care of people other than their pack leaders.
  • Showcats: when animals discharge negativity or irritation through spraying or litter box issues, this remedy helps them to resolve their emotional issues and release resentment, pent-up anger, or emotional confusion without spraying.
  • Transition: this remedy supports any animal preparing to die.

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