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Grey Spider Flower " The Essence for Calm, Courage and Renewed Faith"

Jan 22, 2021

Grey Spider Flower

The Essence for calm, courage and renewed faith.

A weapon against terror.



Have you ever walked into a spider web and felt like you had spiders crawling all over you?  Do you remember that feeling of terror?  Grey Spider Flower is a remedy for panic attacks and terror. 

Panic attacks are debilitating.  I am speaking from experience.  Twenty years ago I worked in a veterinary clinic as an assistant.  A large German Shepard came into the clinic for a “rabies check”.  As I passed by the exam room door, I bent down to pick up a tick so it would not attach to the dog.  The animal jumped out of the doctor’s arms and out of the grasp of the handler and lunged at my face but connected with my arm and he shook me like a rag doll.  After getting my arm out of his mouth he went for my face.  Apparently I put my hand up to shield my face and he grabbed my hand biting through it and shaking me so hard my wrist sprained. 

After releasing me I was taken to the hospital and had to undergo procedures to correct the physical damage.  What I did not expect was the emotional damage that was done and lingered long after the physical injuries healed.  As a biology major I told myself I can logic through these emotions and prevent the fear and panic I continued to feel when I saw a German Shepard.  I tried to remember the attack and never have.    I did not have success in the “logic theory”.  I was told to get medication for the panic attacks or I would have to leave the veterinary field.  I left the veterinary field.  This information I share with you was from the witnesses in the clinic at the time.  My doctors said chances are I will never remember the event. 

Panic attacks are real and if you have ever experienced real terror, you know what I mean.  It was through flower essence therapy I was able to control my panic attacks.  I no longer fear German Shepard’s.   I owe this healing to flower essence remedies.

The Grey Spider Flower essence is a perfect remedy to work through events that make you terrified.  Whether it is public speaking, confined spaces, travelling on an airplane or into today’s atmosphere of a global pandemic, it may be going to the grocery store, this remedy will help to keep fear at bay.  This essence is for terror that may come on suddenly.  This essence has been used in Australia for asthma patients to help them cope with the fear that they are going to suffocate.  It works quickly to calm and help with recovery.

If you or someone you know is experiencing anything that is causing them to panic or suffer from a severe phobia, suggest this simple essence to find faith, calmness and courage

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