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Illawarra Flame Tree: The Flower Essence for a Strong 2021

Jan 16, 2021

Illawara Flame Tree

By Australian Bush Flower Essences


What is a flower essence?

Flower essences are a vibrational healing tools.  The essence is the electromagnetic pattern of the plant form or etheric imprint.  There is nothing physical transferred in the creating of a flower essence.  It requires the flower of choice, spring water and sunlight.  The flower represents the highest concentration of life-force for any plant.

How does a flower essence work?

The essence is taken internally or topically.  It first assimilates into the blood stream.  It will settle between the circulatory and nervous system.  This electromagnetic current is created due to the polarity of the system.  Life force works through the blood and consciousness works through the brain and nervous system.  This energy then travels to the meridens, subtle bodies, chakras or physical cellular level of the body, depending on the individual’s constitution and the remedy type.  This is thought to happen instantaneously but experienced after some time, depending on the individual.

This is a gentle therapy working in balance with the subtle energies of the system.  They can be very effective and safe to use. 

With a new year upon us we would like to begin profiling some of the Australian Bush Flower Essences for our customers.   See which essence resonates best for you. 


  1. Illawarra Flame Tree


Illawarra Flame Tree is the essence for those who often feel rejected or left out.  When this sense of rejection is felt, whether it is real or imagined, they are deeply hurt.

This essence has been used for imbalance in the thymus gland which is key to our immune systems.


It can be helpful to those who know they have certain abilities but never use them or develop them.  They ignore their own potential in fear of the responsibility.  There is a tendency to “put off until tomorrow”, however tomorrow never comes.


The positive outcomes of this essence is confidence, commitment, strength, self-reliance and self-approval.


If you recognize any of the traits mentioned above give this gentle therapy a try and move forward in 2021 accomplishing more than you thought you could with confidence and acceptance!

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