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“Like cures like” - A Review of Homeopathy

Dec 19, 2019


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is over 200 years old.  The principle of “like cures like” goes back to writings found in early Greek medical books and German folk medicine.    With increased costs of health care, people are searching for natural, safe and effective remedies.  Homeopathy is one that can be used easily and effectively.


The philosophy that started homeopathy is seen in the early writings of Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician.  He used the plant, cinchona, for the treatment of malaria fevers.  This plant causes symptoms of malaria in a healthy individual.  The artificial illness from taking this plant forced the body’s immune response to become stimulated.  Hahnemann began empirically treating patients by giving the sick individual a substance which would reproduce their symptoms in a healthy person.  Many would experience a “healing crisis”, which means their symptoms would get initially worse, but then the illness resolved completely.

With the great success of “likes cure likes”, Hahnemann began diluting the concentrations over and over.  This resulted in the observation that the more dilute the remedy the more potent it was.  In allopathic medicine, many do not believe this is possible.  It goes against the Newtonian principles of action and reaction. 

Homepaths believe the micro dosing affects the subtle energy of the body, which in turn affects the physical, cellular structure.


Homeopathy is the second most widely used form of medicine worldwide.  Allopathic or traditional medicine is most common in the United States, and is the fourth form of medicine used worldwide.

The FDA does regulate the manufacturing and testing of homeopathic remedies.  All manufacturers of homeopathic medicines are registered with the FDA and licensed by state regulatory agencies.  These products are required legally to tell you the benefits and indications.  This is important to the consumer because the companies are required to have evidence of efficacy.  Most natural products and supplements are not FDA-regulated.



Homeopathics come in pill form and a sub-lingual spray form.  Personally, I prefer the spray form because it is convenient, yet very effective.  After working in the pharmaceutical field, one of my favorite features of homeopathic medicine is that there are no contraindications.  Herbal teas, essential oils, as well as pharmaceuticals, all have contraindications.  This is very important in our “consumer be aware” world we live in.

Ellie Wallen, founder of Sprayology homeopathics, gave a lecture earlier this year discussing how the remedies are created.  Her favorite remedy highlighted was Rejuvenation Plus.  This remedy helps to revitalize the aging body.  Ingredients like American Ginseng, Leopard’s Bane, Pituitarum posterium and others work to increase energy, reverse dry, wrinkled looking skin, improve muscle/ fat balance and normalize the sleep cycle by improving hormonal balance.

Ellie explained the “like cures like” with the example of the AllergEase formula.  This formula helps to relieve allergy symptoms such as watery eyes.  Allium Cepa is used in this formula for that purpose.  Allium Cepa is derived from the onion, which we understand causes eyes to water. 

The homeopathic dilutions in this line range from 1X to 200C.  They vary within this range to cause the body to react differently.  Some doses stimulate change, others balance the body, and some inhibit or stop symptoms.  The varying dilutions are unique.  Most companies have the same dilutions across the ingredient list.  It is the unique ingredients and dilution pairings that make these homeopathic formulas so innovative and effective.



The interest in homeopathic remedies is becoming increasingly more available in the United States.  A double blind in the Journal of Pediatrics reviewed eighty-one Nicaraguan children, ages six months to five years, with acute diarrhea.  The results showed the homeopathically treated children responded to treatment and improved much faster than the placebo group.  The fact that it has been recognized in medical journals is very encouraging.

Dr. Richard Gerber, in his book on Vibrational Healing, states that a number of pharmaceutical firms have actually purchased homeopathic drug companies.  He says this phenomenon is akin to oil companies investing in private solar research.

As our population searches for safe, effective, affordable remedies in the pursuit of health, homeopathy is this author’s favorite remedy.  Bring in the New Year with a healthy focus and balance with the use of homeopathy.  It is safe, no contraindications, no negative side effects,  and regulated by the FDA for efficacy.  Give it spray or two and you will see how easy natural healing can be.

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