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Five Favorite Flower Essences to Use for People or Pets

Oct 1, 2019

As mentioned in the September edition, Flower Essence therapy is gentle and safe to use.  In most cases the essences are dispensed by the drop in water, topically, or directly in the mouth.  There are many remedy flower essences for many disorders.  Below are five of the top essences used by our customers and friends.

  1. Australian Bush Alpine Mint Bush:

This essence is for those suffering from mental and emotional exhaustion.  They feel they are carrying a weight of responsibility and lack joy in their life.  This essence is used by health care practitioners who carry the great responsibility of caring for others.  They spend their day listening to others problems looking for solutions.  This is very draining to the energy field and can leave them exhausted.

Alpine Mint Bush essence helps to restore joy and renewal.  They feel revitalized and energized.  This essence is helpful for those caring for a loved one.  We do this because we care for them, but our own energy field can become depleted, putting the care giver at risk of becoming ill themselves.  This essence has helped many continue on with their unremitting care and keep themselves healthy in the process.

  1. Australian Bush Emergency Essence:

The Emergency Essence should be in everyone’s natural medicine cabinet.  It is a combination of Crowea, Fringed Violet, Grey Spider Flower, Sundew and Waratah and should be used for any physical or emotional upset.

It has a calming effect on the mind and body.  This is the essence I used after a severe dog attack at a veterinary clinic.  To this date, I do not remember the attack, and I was told by my doctors that I probably never would because of the severity it.  After physically healing from the attack, I tried to go back to work at the vet clinic, but any time the same breed of dog that attacked me came into the clinic, my body went into a panic attack.  I felt helpless because it did not seem logical.  The medical remedy for this was pharmaceuticals.  I did not want to take them, so I searched for a natural alternative.  This is when I came upon flower essence therapy.

I used the Emergency Essence any time I was faced with a panic attack or if in the presence of a large black German Shepherd.  To date I do not remember the attack, but because I used the essences to get me through it, I no longer have panic attacks. I can freely visit dog shows and agility competitions and embrace the beauty of all dog breeds.

  1. Anxiety by Green Hope Farms: 

Green Hope Farms created twenty two remedies for animals.  They help to support the animal’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing in specific ways.  Anxiety is one of our best-selling flower essences for animals.  It is recommended by several animal behaviorists in the Fox Valley.

For anxiety, nervous habits and obsessive behaviors such as excessive licking, or feather picking, anxiety has been very effective.  In some cases where the animal has a fear of people or of being handled, it is very valuable.

During the summer months, it is one of our most popular flower essences for animals who are fearful of loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms.

  1. Senior Citizen by Green Hope Farms:

This essence is given to my 14 year old standard poodle every day.  Earlier in the year she went through some tough medical conditions.  It was feared she was terminal.  It was decided not to vaccinate anymore because it could compromise her immunity.

I began giving her the Senior Citizen flower essence, and she is doing much better.  She even gives our one year old male standard poodle a run for his money.

The essence helps to maintain emotional equilibrium and good cheer during declines in function associated with the aging process.  It helps in areas such as flexibility, eyesight, hearing and definitely energy levels.  Four to six drops in her food every morning has made a wonderful difference.

  1. Space Clearing Spray by Australian Bush:

Have you ever walked into a building and immediately felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave?  You are feeling heavy energy.  Heavy energy is the kind of energy left in a room after negative emotions have been shared.  Since the first law of thermal dynamics is energy cannot be created or destroyed but changes form, Space Clearing assists in the transformation of heavy energy to lighter energy.

This is a must for all homes.  It lightens the atmosphere by releasing environments of built up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies.  Australian Bush describes it as creating a sacred and harmonious environment.  Use it to clear tense situations and restore balance.  Simply spray in the environment and around your aura; then exhale.

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