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Flower Essence Therapy Offers Subtle Energy Healing

Aug 13, 2019

The power of plants is amazing. Throughout evolution they have had to survive predators, environmental stress and invasive species. During these events, plants, unlike animals, were not able to migrate to better territories for survival. Therefore they had to adapt. Those adaptations included chemical changes to fight off bacteria, fungus and predators as well as attract pollinators for increased vitality.

In aromatherapy we see these adaptations in the essential oils we use. This explains why they are so powerfully antimicrobial. The plants did not change just biochemically during the evolutionary transition but vibrationally as well. The vibrational form of the plant we use in natural healing is called “flower essence therapy.”

I see customers perusing the flower essences initially assuming they are essential oils; however, they could not be more different — but they are still very powerful healing tools.

The difference between the two is aromatherapy is based on the chemistry of the plant influenced by environment, genetics, harvesting and distillation. Flower essences are based on the physics of the plant and the vibrational energetic imprint the plant offers. Flower essences work on the emotional energy field of both humans and animals versus directly in the physical.

What are flower essences?

The physical model for healing deals with the interaction of physical substances such as medicines, essential oils, herbs, etc. interacting with the physical body. These interactions cause a physical or chemical change. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that the world is an energetic one. This energetic model is what the world of flower essences is about.

Think of the essence of flowers as their life force or electrical pattern and the highest vibrational pattern of the plant.

How do flower essences heal?

As human beings we do not stop at the physical body. We have subtle light bodies, which contribute to the multidimensional nature of human beings. It is thought that disease can manifest in the physical body only after disturbances of energy flow have already become misdirected in the subtle structural patterns of the higher frequency bodies.

As energetic as well as physical animals, we interact with the world energetically. We know if a place feels good, we know when we feel a connection with another person. This is an energetic connection.

We all have heard of the auras that surround our physical body, this is an example of subtle energies (or referred to as frequencies) that make us who we are. These frequencies are also considered the “emotional body.” This is the area in which flower essences really shine.

How to use flower essences

Flower essences can be used topically, or taken internally. The general rule for the Australian Bush Essences is 7 drops under the tongue upon waking and upon tiring in the evening. Yes, it is that simple.

Our pets benefit greatly from flower essence therapy and it is much safer than aromatherapy. Green Hope Farms specializes in essences for animals. Several animal behaviorists and animal clinics in the area send their clients to us to find the correct flower essence solution.

Animals do not understand the placebo effect, so when you see how effective the essences are on our animals it is exciting. My dog, Frankie, had come to work with me for many years. He was a rescue and was terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. We tried the pheromones and the thunder jackets to no prevail. It wasn’t until I began giving him the Anxiety Essence that we saw the results we were looking for. I will never forget one day at the store my employees were getting stressed seeing Frankie panting and pacing because a storm came on quickly. I put four drops of the anxiety essence on his ear flaps (he would not take a treat he would get so stressed) and within ten minutes he was lying down in the middle of the floor behind the counter relaxed.


Flower essence healing works with the subtle energetic bodies of both humans and animals. The theory is when our energetic bodies are off, the results can manifest physically causing pain and disease. Flower essences are energetic balancing tools from the plant world. Flower essences are safe and easy to use.

Next month I will review several of the most popular essences for both humans and for our furry friends. I will share some personal testimonials on the impact these lovely gifts from nature have had on both people and pets.

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