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May 2, 2019

The Natural Boutique

Step into the front door of the Natural Boutique and discover a sensory experience.  From comforting natural aromas to medicinal teas, it is a healing experience.

The Natural Boutique opened in April of 2003 as Botanical Indulgence by owners and founders Sandy and Brian White.  Our mission is to offer a line of natural, essential-oil based products that are gentle enough for everyday use.  Sandy received her certification in aromatherapy through the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy.  An essential oil blending bar is offered so specific blends can be made while you wait.  This allows you to try a blend before investing in several bottles of essential oils.  The staff is trained to assist you in proper dilution ratios and material data safety on essential oils when needed.  The Natural Boutique is a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists.  This organization supports the ethical use of essential oils.

We offer a professional line of essential oils called Oshadhi.  They are carefully harvested, transported, bottled and distilled.  Every step of the process is closely monitored.  This offers the highest quality in authentic, healing essential oils.

As an avid tea drinker, Sandy included a loose leaf tea department and was the first retail shop in the Fox Valley to bring a wide selection of loose tea and tea education to the area. In 2004 we started packaging our own tea and custom blends.   Daily tea tasting is a part of the services offered at the shop.

In addition to an extensive selection of essential oil based products and teas, we are the only boutique retailer of the highly regarded Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen and Cosmetics.  This is a brand that is normally sold through dermatologist offices and medical spas.  We continue to educate our staff and customers on the benefits of using sun protection, healthy cosmetics and skin care.  We offer sit down consultations for both natural cosmetics and healing skin care.

Our inventory offers additional healing products such as flower essences, homeopathics and quality hemp remedies. 

We have continued to grow and in 2013, we expanded our message and re-branded to The Natural Boutique.

After expanding and moving the store to beautiful downtown Neenah, the decision was made to name a store manager to assist Sandy in running the business.  Donna Rucker became store manager in 2017 and also received her aromatherapy certification that same year.  Donna is known for her enthusiasm and caring customer service.  Cindy Lancaster joined The Natural Boutique as assistant store manager in the fall of 2017 to help with the growing business and social media.  Cindy is also our go-to person for jewelry and identifying stones found in our wide selection of sterling silver, natural stone jewelry.  If you need a special look in jewelry, Cindy is the person to see.

Our entire staff is enthusiastic and educated to help people find natural alternatives to achieve healthy wellbeing.  The longest standing employee is Darjeeling, the boutique dog.  She is a standard poodle that has been with the shop for 13 years.  Our newest employee is Buddy, a 7 month old standard poodle.  We are very animal friendly!

As a nature based boutique, we offer a green program to save on paper bags by rewarding our customer with our “indulgence dollars” when they bring a reusable bag for their purchase.  When 25 “indulgence dollars” are collected, you turn them in for a shopping spree!  In addition to this, we have a Tea Club and Essential Oil Club to keep track of the customer’s selections.  When they have purchased 10 teas or essential oils, they receive a $10 credit on their eleventh purchase.

It is our goal to ensure the customers’ needs are met when visiting our store.  Education is a priority; therefore, our staff is offered continued education on products and research to offer the best guidance we can to our customer.  Everything in the store has some sort of healing effect.

Finally, join us for our 16 year anniversary celebration May 16th through May 18th as we have a fun photo review of our last 16 years of growth.

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