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Interview with an Astrologer

May 2, 2019

An Interview with an Astrologer


A few weeks ago I noticed my computer and phone had some tech issues.  Someone said, “Oh Mercury is in retrograde again.”   Later, someone else said they were feeling so unorganized and nothing was going right for them.  Why?  Their reply was because Mercury was in retrograde.

The planets and moon have a pull on our energy and the earth’s energy.   We feel it just as the oceans tide demonstrate it.  That did not tell me why unrest seemed to be blamed on Mercury in retrograde so I decided to go an expert on the planet movements and effects; a professional Astrologer.

The Astrologer

Trish Blohm of Cultivate Soul is a professional Astrologer.  She studied the science of Astrology with Debra Silverman in Colorado.  She has practiced astrology for one and a half years. 

I asked her about Mercury in retrograde and she explained that the position of Mercury appears to be going backwards in movement with our planet, but it is not.  Mercury rules communication, skills and technology, therefore my computer glitches. 

When asked what is astrology?  She replied, “Astrology to me is how the planets affect us down here on earth.  They are symbols that are expressed uniquely with each individual. “

Everyone is different.  The reading is based on a person’s place of birth, date of birth and time of birth.  According to Trish, an astrology reading, “helps a person understand how they operate, what makes them that way and gives them permission to be themselves.  Self -acceptance is a form of self- love.  A reading is helpful for the person who may be feeling lost, looking for clarity or purpose.”


The Reading

The purpose of an astrology reading is like a map of the push and pull of the energy on the planets and individuals.  Once your chart is completed you use it as a personal development tool.  Understanding the way the planets effect one’s path can add clarity to making decisions.

When Trish completes your reading she will go over the sun, moon and rising sign. 

Your sun sign is your life force.  Think about the sun in general, without it nothing survives.  It is the same for humans.  The sun determines the outer expression of our personality.

Your moon sign is your inner world.  How you respond under crisis, your emotional realm, and how you cope with stress.

The rising sign represents how others see you, your general impression on people and your spontaneous reactions.  Upon meeting you, people will interact with your rising sign.  Have you ever had people describe your character and it’s not at all how you would describe yourself?  It is because they are interacting with your rising sign.

In addition to viewing the planets Trish reviews the element sign missing in your reading.  The Four Elements involved are:

  • Water (emotions)
  • Earth (grounded, practical)
  • Fire (excitement, will)
  • Air (communication, intellect)

Trish offers a two hour class to determine your missing element and how to find balance in spite of the missing element.  (The class is held at The Natural Boutique on Saturday April 20th from 10 to noon.  Cost is $25.  Call to reserve your space).

Three additional components of your astrology reading include:

  • Transits: what is currently happening and being activated in your life
  • Life Lesson: what is your life lesson, soul purpose and what are you here to learn
  • Soul Evolution: this is your shortcut to enlightenment.



When Trish was asked to summarize her thoughts on Astrology this was her response:

“Astorology is amazing and it can be a wonderful tool to use on the self discovery path.  Knowing isn’t enough.  Implementing the information is what will bring the transformation a person is seeking. We as humans are often resistant to our purpose and evolution.  It’s uncomfortable and unknown.  That’s why I believe being a life coach and as an astrologer,  gives me an advantage.  I can support my clients and have them lean into the areas that I know will give them the most amount of growth.  Leaning into the uncomfortable areas that are clearly stated in your chart is efficient.  The guess work is gone and you start working with the universe instead of against it.  Living a life of flow and synchronicities.”


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