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Let’s Clear the Air!

Oct 9, 2018

Let’s Clear the Air!

This is the month of family gatherings, baking and cooking the beloved Thanksgiving meal.  Family and friends gather in our homes to share in the celebration. 

If you are like me and have pets, I am always conscious of my sweet fur babie’s aroma when guests gather.  Let’s face it, they do not deliver the type of aromatherapy all guests appreciate.  So what is the solution to have a clean smelling home without lingering odors of yesterday’s bacon or Miss Kitties litter box?  The answer:  a Catalytic Lamp!

What is a Catalytic Lamp?

Traditionally there have been two main categories for atmosphere disinfecting systems.

  1. Cold disinfection work through the natural evaporation of a liquid or solid antiseptic.  Plant oils and solid based balm were used as passive disinfecting.
  2. Diffusers or hygenic smoke-clearing lamps based on catalytic combustion

The category we are focusing on is the catalytic hygenic lamp.


Catalytic air purification goes back into the Industrial Revolution.  It was a time of medical research in which bacteriology was of great focus.  The correlation between hygiene and health became very apparent.

Catalytic Combustion came about between 1885 and 1900.  It was found that when primary alcohol oxidation came into contact with certain metals a reaction occurred changing O2 (oxygen) to O3 (ozone).  Ozone was discovered to cleanse the air and help eliminate odors.  Many odors actually come from bacteria therefore the catalytic reaction was considered antiseptic and disinfecting. This was the beginning of the catalytic lamp.

The lamps were used to disinfect surgery rooms very early in their development.  Several different companies produced the lamps, but one has survived the test of time and that is Lamp Berger of France.

A friend recently returned from Paris and said that when in Hotel Le Meurice, they had the Lamp Berger catalytic lamps throughout the hotel for their guests pleasure and benefit.  They have also been used to help disinfect buildings that may have been through a natural disaster.  Recently a colleague’s home was taken by fire.  With only a few items surviving, these possessions held the smell of the tragedy.  To her delight using the lamp actually helped to remove the smell.  Thus the earlier name of the lamps were originally called Hygienc smoke-cleaning lamps or effusion lamp.


A study completed by Clean Air Labs in 2008 resulted in some interesting facts.

Dr. Sobek conducted a series of indoor air quality tests to determine the efficacy of effusion lamp technology.  Areas of interest included:

  • Indoor allergens such as mold, dust mites and bacteria
  • Odors including cat, dog and food spoilage
  • Smoke-borne odors and particulates

The results were very exciting.  The mortality rate for dust mites was 99% after 90 minutes of exposure!  The bacteria E. coli showed a mortality rate of 99% after 3 hours and mold spores had a 60% mortality after 3 hours.  Finally, greater than 99.9% removal of smoke particles from tobacco smoke after 30 minutes!

As for the efficacy against dog, cat and food-spoilage odors the results are as follows:

  • Cat: 56% reduction in odor after 3 hours of exposure
  • Dog: 33% reduction in odor after 3 hours of exposure
  • Food-Spoilage odors: 68% reduction in odor after 3 hours of exposure

How to Use

Lamp Berger offers many beautiful styles from Victorian to Contemporary.  Many people see them and think they are a decorative bottle.  It doesn’t matter the style because they all have the same operation.

Each lamp comes with a loop cloth wick attached to a specialized stone.  The lamp is initially filled with 2/3 of the neutral fuel which is basically water and alcohol.  A snuff cap is used to cover the stone for approximately 30 minutes. This allows the fuel to move through the wick into the stone.  The cap is removed and the stone is lit.  A flame will occur and is left to burn 2 to 4 minutes.   Then it is immediately blown out.   A decorative cap is placed over the stone which allows air to move across the stone.  The heat of the stone continues to pull fuel into the stone and surrounding atmosphere changing O2 to O3. 

The results offer purified air and a healthy atmosphere. 


Every home can benefit from this vintage air purification system.  It is simple, decorative and effective.  Your guest will be impressed this holiday season as they experience the fresh clear air in your home.  So take a deep breath, know the air is clean and you can now breathe a nice clear sigh of relief.

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