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Water, gemstones and you

Oct 9, 2018

Water, Gemstones and You
By Sandra White

What is Water?

We know water is made up of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. It also covers two thirds of the earth and it constitutes 99% of the molecules making up the human body. (Gerber, R.;Vibrational Medicine, 2001) As one of the most diverse elements we know, water can be found as a liquid, a gas or a solid. Science has shown that water is also influenced by energy and vibration.

Energetic Influences on H2O

One of the pioneers on the effect of energy and vibration with water was conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto. His studies claimed that certain energies and vibrations could change the crystal structure of water. He showed this with microscopic photos of the water crystals before and after certain energies were exposed to the water samples. He went on to show that words and a person’s attitude had an influence on the crystal structure of water. The positive attitude produced beautiful uniform water crystals and negative words produced dark broken crystals.

There is continued debate in the scientific community on the results of his work, but no one can deny the importance of water and the effects it has on energy transfer. Just think about standing in water during an electrical storm or an electric appliance falling into a sink of water. You certainly do not want to be around for that energy exchange.

If water is a conductor of energy and we are 70% water, it makes sense to drink water that is pure and infused with high vibration energy. How do we go about doing this and what do we use? One method is the use of crystals or gemstones as we see in gem elixirs.

Quartz Crystal and Gemstones

Technology has shown us the value in crystals used in the application of circuits and information storage. Quartz is used in watches for keeping time because the crystal oscillations are so regular and precise. Different crystals have been used for different uses in technology. For example, it was a ruby crystal that was a key component in the first laser developed by Bell Laboratory scientists. (Gerber, R; 2001)

Different forms of natural healing, including the Auryvedic tradition to healing touch, have a history of using different crystals for correcting imbalances in the human body. One explanation of why crystals have been used for centuries in healing is the cells of the human body, which have both particle and wave-like properties. The light-like properties of matter, such as found in water and crystals, have unique frequencies characteristic to both our physical and etheric bodies. When the tuned oscillation of the crystal impacts the subtle energies of the body, it is believed a resonance occurs, resulting in balance or healing.

So if we know that water is affected by vibration and energy and we know that crystals offer a resonance of vibration for healing, it makes sense that the two paired together offer another vehicle for healing the physical body. One company has taken this theory and produced of encapsulated gems to put in water. Their research and technology are fascinating.

Gemstones and Water

The VitaJuwel Company has studied the effects of water and gemstones together and found results not dissimilar to Dr. Emoto’s study of subtle energy and water crystals. VitaJuwel encapsulated the gems so no toxins or unwanted minerals get into the water. The HadoLife laboratory in Austria took microscopic photos of water before and after water was treated by VitaJuwel vials. The crystal formations of the water before and after infusion of gem vials were distinctly different. The VitalJuwel water had a revitalized crystal structure and the other had a dark broken crystal structure.

They went one step further by studying the physical changes in the water. After the gem infusion, the water’s ph and oxygenation increased. They concluded that the treatment with the VitaJuwe vial resulted in a very clear water quality improvement . The results indicated the water reached a quality level otherwise only found in natural spring water. (Ewald, E; Institute Hagalis).


There are always the skeptics out there thinking this is just some oogga booga, healy feely trend, but let’s look at the facts:

• humans are composed of mostly water,
• water is a conductor of energy,
• gemstones have a vibration and resonance,
• our cells have a vibration and resonance
• crystals such as quartz have unique properties that transmit, transmute and store energies of both an electronic and subtle energetic nature
• the physical infusion of gemstones in water can change the ph and oxygenation
• pure water is better for our health and tastes better

You don’t have to take my word for it. Take the taste test to see for yourself the quality difference in gem infused water. You will notice a silky texture and clean taste on the pallet. So the worst thing that can happen is you drink better tasting water, then you drink more water and that is always one of the best practices you can do for your health.


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